God Sure Works in Mysterious Ways, Doesn’t He?


Steve Maturan/ Getty Images

Only people behind Trump wore masks. The people in front? Not so much.

Sometimes dreams do come true. No one deserves to get the virus more than Trump. Hopefully his no mask flaunting family, who showed the world what they thought of the value of masks at the debate – which wasn’t a debate, it was Trump embarrassing himself giving a lesson on how to be a bully. Will Trump be too sick to watch TV and tweet. According to Fox and Friends he has the stamina of a 45 year old man and the virus won’t keep him from his duties – which are watching TV all morning and tweeting.

Don’t try to say this is an awful thing to wish on anyone – this is Trump after all. He deserves it. He needs to have covid laugh in his face through a ventilator mask. After all the Republicans did say, the day after that so-called debate that the pandemic was over. I’m sure they will do their best to spin how sick he gets, no matter how sick he gets. They lie.

I don’t think I have ever had more disgust for someone whose position was supposed to inspire greatness and respect for our country but yet could only teach us how a bully would govern the United States. Other countries look at us with pity. I have communicated with many of my international followers and friends and this is what they say. Because Trump’s staff protects him from learning the truth about what people think of him and he thinks Fox News represents all of us, he actually thinks he is the greatest, the smartest president that has ever been elected. (fainting gesture)

His youngest family generations when they become adults after his death will only feel shame when they understand who this man is, who thinks white nationalists are good people, too. Trump would love to reach the stature of Hitler. He’d love to be Putin. He loves and respects how he controls his people. He’d love to be president for life, even though his life doesn’t have long to play out.

We only have ourselves to blame. Americans weren’t paying attention. Republicans fought harder than Democrats to change the face of America. People didn’t fight hard enough to stop the Mitch McConnell’s of America from acquiring the power to stop a corrupt president from being fully impeached. We didn’t stop this president and his family from breaking every rule they felt like breaking. We didn’t wise up until it was too late, or is it?

I don’t believe in the Christian doctrine at all. It has been misused and abused politically for many hundreds of years in order to control people. That is why there is an America at all. People needed to run away from the persecution of leaders who pretend their rulings come from God. To increase their own wealth it is important to take away the wealth of people they deem inferior. It is why Republicans have worked so hard to destroy the separation of church and state.

Now Trump has the virus. So I guess those of you who think God supports the religious right you must be thinking God surely works in mysterious ways – if only it can spun in a direction that benefits Republicans. Trump will get the best health care humanly possible. If only they can convince the American people that the death of even one person is too much and it keeps Trump awake at night, they won’t notice Republicans are actively working to make sure you will lose your health insurance through Obamacare and there is nothing to replace it.

So I’ll sit back and continue to isolate in my home and wait to see how this pans out. It changes every day. There is plenty of time for more to happen. How many people now will test positive in the White House? They must be scared. Not to fear, though, the virus is just a hoax by the Democrats. Trump said he was the greatest president who stopped millions from dying but couldn’t stop it from getting to him. We get back what we dish out. That is the law of Karma.

Wear a Damn Mask – It’s a No-Brainer

Man yelling about not wearing a mask

America is full of many thoughtless, selfish people who think their rights, their own perceived rights, are all that matters. I’ve read countless articles explaining the reasons why you should wear a mask. It shouldn’t even be an issue at this point. Wear a damn mask. It’s a no-brainer. To not want to wear one? What a horrible attitude to have against the living, breathing humans around you to not care if they get sick because of you. I’m glad you aren’t my friend, because you no longer would be allowed in my life .

Sadly, this is what Christianity means to this kind of person. What happened to, “Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you?” How indignant would you be if you ended up in the hospital with a breathing tube down your throat because that person arrogantly coughed in your face? Maybe you would be too sick to care – and if you died? And it didn’t have to happen? Enough people think like this to cause America to be #1 in selfishness, as well as #1 in deaths.

I remember seeing, during a trip to Japan, that it was common to see people here and there wearing masks every day because they thought they might have an illness, or germs they didn’t want to spread. They had respect for others. That’s right, respect. They were taught the meaning of the word when they were young. There was no honor in being selfish. There was shame.  Too many children today are not taught the meaning of respect. They grow up having no respect for life, not even their own.

That is what we see today. People screaming and yelling in stores that their rights are being violated when simply asked to wear a mask. Not yelled at – not demanded, just asked to please wear a mask. They have childish temper tantrums, scream and yell and stomp their feet like a two year old child.

“You can’t make me wear a mask! I have constitutional rights!” they scream, while aggressively waving their arms, daring anyone to try and make them put a mask on. They don’t care how foolish they look, knowing people are going to put a video online to show everyone their bad behavior. They probably take pride in it.

These same selfish people will also yell loudly about abortions, saying babies have the right live. But for the most part they just want to yell because their life has no meaning and they don’t believe everyone has that same right to live unless they deem it so. So today they yell, “You have no right to make me wear a mask!” They spit and cough in people’s faces.  Such disgusting behavior. Hypocrites. What is it about?

Being told to wear a mask in public. Shame on them.

We know this type of person. They call the police when they see a black person in their space. They yell and cuss at people of another race to go back to where they came from. They hear another language spoken and yell for them to speak American, a language that doesn’t exist. Everything is yelled with fists in the air. They start fights. They are largely rude and probably uneducated. They feel so powerful finally being able to have a chance to pull out that gun they bought and point it at people they don’t like because it makes them feel big and powerful in a world they feel is against them – a world that has made them feel small. They take no responsibility for their failed lives. Someone else caused it to happen to them and they want to get back at somebody and make them pay. Their president enforces this behavior and they model his actions. He is always yelling in capital letters on Twitter about what he thinks people are doing to him, never taking responsibility for causing it to himself by constantly raging against others. Pathetically immature. Not wearing a mask is like wearing a MAGA hat. It’s all tied together.


So wear a mask. It could save a life – your own – if you care about that.



George Washington – Trump – Racism

Washington Crossing the Delaware

While reading the news today at Common Dreams, one of the few online sites that prints the unvarnished truth I can trust. I read an article:

Lawmakers Welcome IG Probe Into Violent Police Clearing of Lafayette Square

Peaceful Protesters at Lafayette Park Terrorized by Police to Make way for Trump’s Phony Photo-Op With a Bible

It was about the investigation into the justifications Trump’s White House gave to warrant the use of tear gas and other abuses showered on peaceful protesters at Lafayette Park near the Whitehouse.

Another black man, in a long list of people of color, George Floyd, had been cruelly murdered by police while onlookers begged them to stop. They didn’t. As far as the police were concerned this man had no humanity, no family who loved him and he had no right to life. It was the final straw. It was never going to stop. The people knew it. It wasn’t safe to walk the streets. The next cop could look at any person of color, shoot them and tell the court it was they who feared for their life.

No matter how many people were murdered it was going to continue with little consequence. So they let America know they weren’t going to take it anymore. It spread across the world. When there is a president who looks at white nationalists as good people, he knew he could use the opportunity to feed his ego by proving the military could be used on citizens he temporarily governs. 

Trump craves chaos and dramatic entrances. The police carved a violent pathway through the protesters so he could make a show of walking across to a boarded church and hold up a prop – a Bible – insinuating that God was on his side. Now was the time to pretend to be a good  Christian.

When I saw the photo of the protesters, clutching each other frantically, trying to get away from the horses with police who had large plastic coverings on their helmets to keep tear gas from getting into their own eyes, I flashed on a memory of the painting of George Washington Crossing the Delaware. They were making their way over an ice-filled and perilous river, freezing cold, hungry and wet.

I remembered then, in recent years, how deeply Washington had been discredited because of his abuse of the real Americans who lived here before we laid claim to their home. Until this day we continue to believe we have the right to take from anything we want because we are the biggest bully on earth.

People no longer want to celebrate the birthday our first president. The man we were taught as children could never say a lie. Our current president seems more like him with every sentence I write. The Federal holiday, with closed banks and post offices has no meaning except a day off work. No more holidays celibrated in his name. Instead it is called Indigenous Peoples Day. A celebration  for the original people of color.

Likewise, our 45th president will not be celibrated except maybe by his racist followers (unless they are too embarrassed to admit it) who think they are better than non white Americans.  He will be scorned, as we scorn every other fascist, racist and killer of his own people if it serves a purpose of helping to get him re-elected. If anything, we will celebrate the day Trump and his family are escorted out of the White House in disgrace and await trial for crimes against humanity. Wealth cannot buy honor and he is an honorless person.

Our country was founded on racism long before we started kidnapping people in other countries to make them our slaves. To this day racists continue to keep their knees on the necks of people of color to make sure they continue to know their place, or the president will send the military to put them down. He will threaten the governors to do as he says, or he will send the military and make them do as they’re told. America is unrecognizable. 

On July 4th we will celebrate our independence from England. I doubt most children know what we are supposed to be celebrating, or even that it is a celebration. It’s just a day for fireworks and backyard cookouts. When will gain our independence from the wealthy who have enslaved all of us to make them richer while the rest of us get thrown crumbs.

Soon. . .

Texas Governor Greg Abbot opened his mouth and shoved his foot inside. Furious Texans revolt after the governor gets caught on hot mic admitting his reopen order will worsen the pandemic


Angry Trump supporters


If you are a Republican pro-lifer and think women shouldn’t have the right to decide whether to have an abortion, or even choose to learn about contraceptives from their doctor – or think a fetus should have a attorney to protect their right to life, let me ask you this. . .


Why the hell are you a Republican and vote these people into office – especially when it’s all lies? Republican politicians don’t care if you live or not. They don’t care if those babies who are forced to be born actually live or not, or have the opportunity to have a good life. Their responsibility ends if they can force you to carry a baby to term. How can you registered Republicans not understand this? It is just their selling point. If they push it they think it will get the Christian vote. But you are incredibly naive if you think they are on “your side.” They try to make you believe your welfare is their concern. It is sickening, and you bought the lie hook, line and sinker. How stupid is that?

When I read about the Texas Republican, when he spoke on a hot mic that he knew opening up Texas was going to cause more deaths, but they were going to do it anyway, there is nothing he can do to unsay it. Will you continue to vote for a man who is way more concerned about not pissing off Trump than he is about making the best decisions for the people of his state? Doesn’t that just give you goosebumps?

I’ve Been Gone For Awhile. I’m Back

Radiation on my head after ear removal

This past year or so has been a hairy time for me with 2 cancer surgeries and a couple broken bones. My arm is currently in a purple cast. I had to let things ride for awhile. Hopefully some of you are still out there.

The tone of this blog will expand because I’m not writing on my other blog and stopped paying the premium fee for the website. I got swallowed up with too much I could reasonably do in a day. It will take awhile to catch up with the changes in my life this year. I’m not going to go into those details in this post. There are more important things to talk about than my life. I want to concentrate on what you can do to better educate yourself and change the way many of you get your news in the United States of America. If you are outside this country you are probably better informed than a large percentage of American citizens .

When I see what people write, and what they think is the truth, it is very disturbing to see the amount of kool-aid they drink every day that keeps them in a zombie frame of mind. Many people want the truth but don’t know where to find it so they go to the same old places day in and day out.

This post is also a reprint of a post I just wrote on my personal Facebook page. That page is very political most of the time. You can find it if you want by searching my name Sonni Quick. I have other pages of various interests. Criminal Justice, Improv Piano ( which has my recordings) and my store page, Watch and Whirl Shop ( where I sell mainly vintage jewelry and sterling silver)


Some of you know I don’t own a TV and haven’t in decades. The bullshit, ads and rising costs for cable turned me off. I am much better informed than many of you because I go to many places online that aren’t owned by a political party. Mainstream news only tells you what they want you to know. I then compare what I learn to what the average American doesn’t learn and it is easy to see how they lead people around by the nose. If this weren’t true then Trump would have no supporters and Hannity would have no voice and people like Limbaugh wouldn’t get a medal of honor for anything.

I’m going to give you a small list of struggling media the GOP has tried to subdue. They used to get funding but it was stopped during the age of Trump so they have to rely on people to help. Here are a few sites to check out to get you started if you don’t know about them already. I have relied on them for truth for more than 20 years.

  1. truthout.org
  2. commondreams.org
  3. alternet.org
  4. democracynow.org (they have a podcast)

There are more than these 4. Compare what you learn to the pablum the networks regurgitate everyday, mixing up the words to make it appear as “NEW” news. It’s mind-numbing. Be proactive in educating yourself. Stop being a robot and turning on evening news because it’s a habit you’ve always had. Stop being another counted viewer of the Trump Show just to see what stupid things he’ll say today. TURN HIM OFF! ! Make the ratings go down. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share thIs. Change the cycle. It is one action you CAN do when you think the is nothing you can affect to make a difference..

The Insanity of Trump

This was written because of an article I shared on my Facebook. There are millions of people anxiously waiting for the outcome, the next step of what to do – regardless of you are Republican, Democrat or independent. We are watching our country being torn apart. I believe there will be violence because the emotion of hatred is so high for the “other side” no matter what that side is.

Trump departs White House, Washington DC, USA - 16 Sep 2019
As Trump ranted about losing “Person of the year” to 16 year old Greta Thurnborg did he think his ranting would change the outcome? instead of his immaturity making him look like a petulant fool? 

The Day after hundreds of thousands protested and the day after Trump wanted Fox  Entertainment to hire new pollsters because even people who watched America’s State News polled they wanted him impeached. What? His supporters at Fox wanted him gone? The answer? Find new pollsters to give him the results he craved.

The dangerous thing about Trump is he really does think he did nothing wrong. He believes he is the chosen one and being president means he can do no wrong. When he is finally out of office his final mental breakdown will happen when he is no longer “president”. He feels he should always be president and has mentioned fighting term limits. He won’t take it well when he no longer has power. He’ll take out big ads at the New York Times to spout his manifestos and scream at people making demands. His supporters will drop him in the dirt because they will no longer have to pretend they support him when there is no need to kiss his ass.

He will become “The President” of whatever mental institution he is locked up in for his own safety where he can rant and rave at the rest of the inmates. I can hear him now “I am the president! I am the president. You have to call me Mr. President, ” as they wrap him up in a straitjacket with a shot of Haldol to quiet him down. That is the nature of mental illness. He is a prime candidate. When you are gone “president trump” it will be a happy day for America, a day to celebrate every year. You will be infamous in the record of our history just like Hitler, Stalin, Putin, Sadam Hussein and every other evil person in the world’s political history. You are the worst thing to have happened to America. But maybe we needed someone like you, to get our own heads out of the sand, wake up the country and take action. Never again asshole. Never again. MC Connell you’re next.


Added note. I haven’t published in awhile. It’s been a hard year for me. I had a couple surgeries for cancer and recuperation from a long list of medical issues gets harder with age. But I keep on going. As long as there a reason to fight, I keep fighting. The past 12 years has been a succession of problems, but I’m still here, enjoying being alive. There is such a sense of gratitude to be able to do that and I try to create value every day.

Should Unanimous Jury Verdicts Apply to State Criminal Trials?


I read something today you should read – before you read what I have written.


This deeply disturbed me because it was something I was unaware of, as I’m sure many other people are as well. One thing we do know, though, is that black people are disproportionately convicted of crimes and incarcerated in greater percentage when compared to the white population. Some states have a higher incarceration rate than others. What in the law allows this to happen?

We also know black people never have a jury of their peers, and feelings of racism can be outwardly hidden. Token black jurors don’t affect the outcome of a verdict no matter how they determine the guilt or innocence of the defendant. I didn’t put two and two together. It didn’t matter if they voted against conviction, because in state trials the vote doesn’t always have to be unanimous. Even if there were more black jurors voting against an unfair conviction, and the verdict was 7 guilty to 5 not guilty determinations, barely more than half, there would still be a conviction.

I have never heard of a 7 to 5 vote. Juries are never balanced and racism affects to many. White jurors, even in the recent past, dont want to be seen as voting against their race to free a black man no what the circumstances were. The black and white population isn’t judged with the same scrutiny.

Given the racism that is still alive and well, it often doesn’t matter if a prosecutor has a weak case of insufficient evidence.  A black defendant is pretty much guaranteed a conviction, and if a white man is brought up on charges of the same nature he will often be acquited or have a severely reduced sentence. The outrage of the black community has largely fallen on deaf ears. No protest, no reasoning has changed anything. Too many white people are still afraid of losing their top dog superiority of being a better race who should be in control, regardless of how ignorant that is.

The United States has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world and the courts have fought to decimate the black race any way they can. They destroy families, keeping many families destitute without a father to bring money into the household and a man to guide his children. More and more families are losing their mothers, forcing their children into the child welfare system and keeping them from supporting their families.

Incarcerating black women is the fastest growing demographic today, looking past the incarceration in the past few years of immigrants the current administration p pegs as criminals and rapists to further turn America White. Underfunding schools in black neighbors cause the schools to be unable to buy books  for their students destroying their education and desire to learn.  Today President Trump’s urgency to cut off free lunches for low income students is the latest attempt to make their lives harder. 

The list is long in the ways white people have sought to prove their dominance. The court has been a main tool. That is IF someone charged with a crime can even get their day in court because as it stands only about 3% even have that privilege. If you can’t pay an attorney you WILL be forced to take a plea, innocent or guilty. 

People are threatened with extremely long sentences of they don’t take a plea. That means even the innocent go prison because they are given the choice of maybe a 15 year sentence instead of 40. Most of the black defendants can’t afford to hire a lawyer while many white defendants can. Decades and more of racist attitudes and application of those attitudes and laws in the courts have left many in the black communities unable to fight back against what was being done to them.

Right now there is a strong possibility of change being made in the courts and it is about something I didn’t know even existed because it hasn’t been written about that I have seen. Some states in our country are more racist than others.  We know that. By why is the incarceration rate higher in those states than others. Do they have more criminals? I’m talking about Oregon and Louisiana. Are laws different there or is the Constitution interpreted differently? 

Why? Because there has been a Constitutional amendment or rather a precident that has been followed for the last hundred years based on an opinion written by one Supreme Court Judge, that because of racist attitudes, a unanimous vote on a jury was no longer needed. It was later changed to mean that a unanimous vote was only needed in federal cases, not state. Understand that 75% of those incarcerated are sentenced by the state courts, not federal.

When the 3% of those charged, Black or white, go to court, it is rare for black individuals to see a jury of their peers and are often convicted on slim evidence resulting in conviction almost all the time. And if there are jurors who do not vote for conviction it doesn’t matter because their vote doesn’t count.

“When it was originally enacted, the Constitution’s Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments – was interpreted as applying only to the federal government, not to the states. But beginning in the early 20th century, the Supreme Court ruled that some (and eventually most) of the Bill of Rights also applies to the states through the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which bars states from depriving anyone of “life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” Just last term, the justices decided another case involving incorporation of the Bill of Rights, ruling unanimously that the Eighth Amendment’s ban on excessive fines applies to the states through the 14th Amendment.”

And,  “the knowledge that a conviction cannot be obtained absent a unanimous verdict deters prosecutors from bringing questionable charges in the first place.”

Over the years many states changed their bias about unanimous votes but there are two states that continue unchallenged and they are states with the highness incarceration rates – Oregon and Louisiana, and that is hopefully about to change.

This would not be retroactive to all cases, because there are those on the Supreme Court who are afraid it will cause those who have been previously convicted and have run out of appeals to pick up their fight again. It would jam up the courts.

Who cares if they are innocent, right? But the Supreme Court judges are also afraid that those who are still fighting their case will demand retrials.  But shouldn’t they be retried? If someone is innocent don’t they have the right as American citizens to fight for their life? Don’t they count? If there is not a unanimous vote to convict – if there are jurors who think they are innocent, or at least not enough evidence to convict, should they not have a right to a jury where all voices are unanimous?

“At last year’s oral argument in Timbs, Justice Neil Gorsuch seemed almost bemused at the idea that the justices were considering whether the Eighth Amendment’s excessive fines clause applies to the states. In an exchange with Thomas Fisher, Indiana’s solicitor general, Gorsuch observed somewhat incredulously that “here we are in 2018 still litigating incorporation of the Bill of Rights. Really? Come on.” We’ll have a better sense next week whether Gorsuch and other members of the court regard Ramos’ case as equally straightforward.”

**Words in quotes came from the linked article. There is much more in it that makes it worth reading, especially if you or a loved one has been affected by the racism in the courts.

Added note. This past year I haven’t been able to keep up my blog due to illness. Hopefully I can change that.

River Music – part 1 and 2

I have been so busy lately trying to keep up with everything, including my online stores and dealing with an un-cooperative health. I’m going to be putting more on this blog of what I put on the other blog because I’m having trouble keeping both of them taken care of. I used to only have 2 blogs and now it’s much more.

Listen to River Music by Sonni Quick on #SoundCloud

Listen to River Music Pt 2 by Sonni Quick on #SoundCloud

This piece of music is one of my newest ones. But there is a part two I just finished. One of the tracks is used on both pieces and ties them together. Letting one flow into the other is a great way to fall asleep. I didn’t intend to do that. I had forgotten to erase that track. When I heard it playing on this second piece I realized they were meant to be played together.

Today I’m also creating the video to go with the music “I Have Nothing Let to Give”. You can follow me at http://soundcloud.com/sonni-quick which I think has the best Indie musicians. I have made many many musician friends that have been so encouraging. But you can also go to my website – http://sonniquick.net – which has the best of my music, videos and photos and press. Subscribe to my mailing list. I don’t hound you with tons of mail like some do. Only once every month or two.

Do you Know What is Killing You?

Copyright Reuters

I have been writing about Monsanto for about 15 years on various blogs and Facebook pages. I learned about them 20 years ago but was writing online.  I learned about Nestles and boycott any product they make or company they own. Why aren’t you? Do you not know? Why do I?


I  have written a lot about Monsanto and food but I doubt if anyone listened.  My family wouldn’t listen. Eating right is too expensive, they say, even though grabbing the wrong cereal or bread of the shelf will likely kill you.


I’ve talked about the politicians involved who put profit over people. Where I live the gardener used round up ready on the grass and gardens once. It killed everything in my garden and the dirt was now contaminated. He never did it again once my husband informed him of what he did. “I didn’t know,” he claimed. How could you NOT KNOW? Your head would have to be buried to not know.


People wouldn’t, and still don’t stop eating the food it affected. Now there are over 13,000 cancer lawsuits when Monsanto and those involved KNEW what it would do. But since they knew they would be eventually sued they created a fund long ago and grew the money to pay them so it wouldn’t hurt them. And then Bayer stupidly bought Monsanto. I’ll bet you think Bayer is a good company. After all they make baby aspirin and you trust them. I dare you to research Bayer’s history and then think they care about you and your family.

I talked myself silly to friends and family about doing everything you can to educate yourself about the food you eat, but they listened instead to the propaganda the food industry put out intentionally debunking organic and non gmo food. These food companies fought and will fight labeling saying people would be to confused to understand. We are to stupid. These happened a few years ago.

Do you eat ice cream? Do you look for cheap? There is only one brand that is still safe to eat because it is non gmo. All brands were tested. You can only safely eat Breyers except for some organic brands. The others? The level of glyphosate is through the ceiling. And don’t eat General Mills cereal. All 21 kinds will kill you. Eat organic. That wheat is not sprayed with Round up. ALL COMMERCIAL FARMS  spray it. Doesn’t this scare you?

People are going to eat what they want. And now that they are sick they want to sue the company that had poison in their food. Why didn’t they stop eating the poisoned food?The information has been out there! But this way they can put the blame on Monsanto instead of blaming themselves. Now they are scared.

The problem is people learn from Fox News, or other mainstream media thinking they know what is going on. And even though much of what they hear often has an element truth, what they don’t hear or read is everything these “news” outlets DON’T tell you. If you want to start reading the truth – what mainstream doesn’t print start with Truthdig.org and truthout.org. Because even ones that used to be good, like Alternet and Cmmon Dreams are now printing fluff – advertisements that start out sounding like news until you realize it’s an ad trying to tell you something.

We the people need to educate ourselves better or we deserve the destruction of our earth and our country that our grandchildren will have to raise their families in. Smarten up. If you stopped buying the food you are being poisoned with, these companies couldn’t stay in business. We allow it.

When the Information Highway Was a Two Lane Road

White man sitting at computer

Before the internet, the information highway was a two lane road. If you didn’t have a chance to learn anything new in the last 15-20 years, where you even begin? If you went back just a few decades the world as we saw it moved at a much slower pace.

Even though Windows 95, with the first “mouse” came into some people’s lives in the 1990’s, the vast majority of homes did not have a computer. It was amazing! You could control a curser on the screen by moving this thing in your hand that was laying on the desk and click it to do things! Wow!! But there was no internet speed. You connected through phone lines. You had to “dial up” to surf the net, what little there was. The fun stuff hadn’t been created yet. Even when you could get online it was slow and you probably had a 486 computer and waited forever for a simple picture to slowly come in.

People knew NOTHING about what was going on in the next town let alone the world. We got a little bit on the evening news but young people weren’t watching it, we were hanging out at people’s houses, not hanging out in an app. Our lives were small. We called people on phones that plugged into a phone jack in the wall. The youth were clueless about politics. It wasn’t just the youth, either. People in general were clueless unless they heard about it on TV or read a newspaper. And it wasn’t that long ago. Everything changed so fast.

It took a long time before there was ONE computer in a home. Look what we have now. Too much information and no idea if what we learn is true or “Fake News” or if it comes from a person, a bot or another country that wants to do us harm. What can we believe? This technology keeps outpacing itself. Faster and faster everything changed as our computers learned to take over our lives.

Imagine for a moment that everything you learned because of using a computer – all of that knowledge – disappeared out of your brain. Vanished. Everything you learned, because you were connected to that technology was deleted. All of the people, your “friends” you’ve never actually met who “care” about you on Facebook, Instagram or other social media ceased to exist. The phrase “social media” would mean nothing. No shopping online. The thought of watching a movie on a computer would have you scratching your head. What would you be thinking RIGHT NOW if you had no chance to learn the things you have learned? Scary, right? You’d go into a panic if you couldn’t reach for your phone.

There is a reason I’m asking these questions. Jamie was locked up for 13.5 years. A couple months before he turned 22. He was locked up for 4 years before that from age 17-21. The year 2000. People weren’t spending their time with their face buried in a device. There were cell phones – to make phone calls. There were no screens on them and they weren’t connected to the internet.

So during all these changes, as a society we learned together and became connected to the world. We communicated with people all over the world. We learned how to access information through email, browsers, Google and a wide variety of apps. It’s easy for us to tap into this. We assume other people can tap into it, too.

In the past month I’ve had to stop myself when trying to explain to Jamie how to quickly find things on the internet through his phone. Simple concepts IF you know them. It’s like speaking Greek if you don’t.

“Type (such and such) in the browser.” I’d say.
“What’s a browser??” hmm

“Tap the Google app and do a search on…”
“How do you do that?”

“Did you get the links I sent to you in a message?”
“I don’t know how to find them. I saw them come up but I don’t know how to find them again.”

There many of these type questions. Can you imagine that the first computer you used is a tiny phone? You can’t learn how to use a computer on a phone. You can’t automatically know how it works. He couldn’t get links to work. I think now he wasn’t waiting long enough. How about explaining how to put phone numbers into contact information and calling people by tapping on their names instead of using their phone number? We didn’t get that far. It is hard to help him while talking to him at the same time.

I wanted him to read his blog – this one, but he said it wouldn’t come up. The same thing about hearing the music I recorded for the book. He said it wouldn’t play. That didn’t sound right. His brother gave him the wifi password. It turns out his phone is slow, or the Verizon connection using the free government phone with 200 free minutes is slow. I need to be able to connect with him online, video chat, go over things about the book. But I realized I first have to go back to the beginning. He has a lot to learn. He needs something bigger than a phone. I want to look for a used or refurbished laptop. Something that uses files so I can send him chapter files.

Jamie may be 36, but in many ways he isn’t. He doesn’t have the life experience of someone 36 and he needs to catch up with himself. There are many who have been locked up for longer than he was. There are people getting out of prison in their 60’s who have been locked up since their teens. Are they ever able to fill in the blanks?

He got through the prison years and his head is screwed on. I have to be confident he will be okay. But gaining wisdom through experience takes time and it often comes from your mistakes . Learning how to judge people and be wary of those around you – how do you teach that? It is a different America now and it tends to not be very friendly, especially in Southern States.

Jamie is in a completely different chapter of his life now – re-entry into society. The adjustment will take awhile, for both of us.

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